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A thoughtful collection of articles from Tim's life and career in the advertising world.

Think Like the Sun
Options Magazine, 17 May 2010

"You used to need a passport to go from Belgium to Germany and gradually that wasn't needed anymore. It was a more borderless world. I kept thinking that I needed a new perspective, a new way to work that would help marketers."

Discovering Truth
Tim Love’s World 2020

"Discovering Truth- The Polarizing Beliefs of Both Liberals and Conservatives."
Advertising Age, 7 July 2003

Old Ideas Fail Brand America
Advertising Age, 7 July 2003

"The global village created by advances in communications technologies increasingly enables the world's populace to come into contact more with corporations and brands than governments."

Breathing Digital
Marketing, June 2011

"Relevance in this world requires superior listening skills and being able to maintain a frame of reference that is more intellectually and emotionally in concert with the consumer."
The Internationalist 55

Our Language Impediment
The Internationalist, 2011

"New communications technologies are creating a smaller world; more transparent, interconnected and more interdependent. The changeover from analog to digital information presents the advertising and marketing communications industry with great challenges, but also tailor-made opportunity for better human understanding."

Interview: China
Cover Article, ASIA OOH, June 2011

"We need a tool that helps us step back from our fishbowl and see the world as a richly diverse collection of individuals. I call this tool "Think like the Sun." It helps me contextualize information, to step outside my fishbowl. And, like the Sun, this monitoring of perception is always on."
Marketing World October 2010

Interview: Africa
MarketingWorld, October 2010

"If you look at West Africa as a totality it would be roughly the 4th largest country in the world. It is important when we know that Nigeria is between 50%-80% of the population...Nigeria is an important market for everyday household products to help improve lives."

On Cultural Diversity
Adweek, 27 September 2010

"You can't just walk in the door and tell a customer what to do...But if you demonstrate that you care about that person, you may be able to unlock that door and gain a greater understanding of those cultural dynamics."

Interview: India
Pitch Magazine, March 2010

"Tim Love looks back at his early days in this conversation quoting instances from his experiences as an advertising entrepreneur and professional that formed the roots of the advertising business today. "
Internationalist Magazine

Time Optimization
Internationalist Magazine

"As the US becomes less isolated dut to communications and the interconnectedness of economies, its habit of using 12-hour am/pm system is increasingly out of sync with the rest of the world."
Campaign Magazine, 24 June 2005

100th Birthday of AAF in US
Campaign Magazine, 24 June, 2005

"Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. We cannot deliver the integration our clients need without a seamless mariage of media, idea creation and brand equity understanding."
Internationalist Magazine, Late Spring 2005

The Race for Ideas
Internationalist Magazine, Spring 2005

"Each change in man's ability to communicate has brought significant alterations in the marketing landscape. Changes in communication technologies and how consumers use them have profound effect of people and relationships."
Internationalist Magazine, Late Spring 2005

Advertising Industry Manifesto
Internationalist Magazine, Fall 2008

"Advertising is more Art than Science. Science costs money. Art costs passion. The tension that can occur when fear is present due to social upheaval or economic uncertainty can greatly affect the courage and passion in anyone's business."
Language is Technology

Goafest 2012

"In this post-digital world, the most powerful and persuasive technology is language." Neuroscience suggests that language impacts ideas and creativity, and as India gets more and more internet penetrated in the days ahead, this reality of language being a technology will pan out wonderfully by merging with actual technology."
The Internationalist 58
Love's Law
The Internationalist, 2012

"Love's Law takes an old idea and presents it in today's context of an interconnected world. It is a world where individuals and cultures can engage without losing their identity. And, the value of these relationships is increasingly perceptible and consequential."
Engage Issue 1
Getting Emotional
Engage, Issue 1

Tim Love considers the intriguing relationship between products and people.
"Developers of products design the products to generate an emotional response as well as deliver functional benefits."
Advertising Age, 6 May 2002

Advertising Age, 6 May 2002

"We invent ideas that make it possible to change behavior and beliefs. This is why clients seek our help."